SOLiTHOR’s Latest Advancements in All-Solid-State Lithium Battery Technology

SOLiTHOR’s new state of the art premises

SINT-TRUIDEN (Belgium) – 12th December 2023 -The relatively new company, SOLiTHOR, has made huge advancements in its next generation solid-state lithium battery technology. SOLiTHOR is developing an entirely solid-state lithium battery which means that there is no liquid electrolyte in the battery enabling the use of a lithium metal anode. This differs hugely from their competitors who claim to make Solid-State but, in reality, make a semi solid-state battery (with or without Lithium). SOLiTHOR’s prototypes are All-Solid-State Lithium Battery and nothing else.

SOLiTHOR’s technology offers compelling value propositions, performance, energy density/weight, safety, and manufacturability for its target markets.

SOLiTHOR’s initial focus is on Aviation, Urban Air Mobility and Aerospace providing a unique rechargeable all-solid-state lithium battery cell technology which is a step-change advancement compared with Li-ion and other solid-state battery technology.

One of the key challenges to Solid-State Battery developers is reducing the thickness of the solid electrolyte whilst maintaining both the electrochemical and mechanical properties of this key component. In less than eighteen months, SOLiTHOR has made a breakthrough in reducing the thickness of the solid electrolyte component by a factor 18, achieving a solid electrolyte separator thickness of 35µm (+/-5µm).

This is a first but crucial step in solving the limitations of Li-ion by accomplishing higher energy density (i.e. further range, lower weight) as well as intrinsically safe, thermally stable cells that meet the aviation industry’s strict safety requirements.

The CEO of SOLiTHOR, Huw Hampson-Jones says, “SOLiTHOR is the cornerstone for establishing a world class centre of excellence, here in Europe for the development, manufacture and commercialisation of cell technology and battery systems for the full electrification of aircraft.”

Last August, SOLiTHOR moved to new, 3000 square metre state of the art premises in Sint Truiden, Belgium.  It boasts a 400sq metre dry room and new pouch cell production equipment has been installed to begin the development and manufacture of demonstrator cells for proof of concept for electric aircraft and maritime vessels. At the stack level SOLiTHOR has already achieved ~ 700Wh/L but its target short term is 800+Wh/L. To date it has achieved 245Wh/kg with a Generation 1, short term target of 327 Wh/kg. 

SOLiTHOR’s new International Test Centre, which is located on site, is now open for use by their clients and partners. For example, SOLiTHOR  has already developed new testing mechanisms for complying with Aviation Flight certification programmes.  Thermo-mechanical properties testing on site indicate SOLiTHOR’s solid-state electrolyte component is capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 120°C without shrinkage. This is a major advantage as the separator must ensure the separation of positive and negative electrodes in all conditions (temperatures) to avoid short circuit of the cell. 

Long-term, SOLiTHOR will leverage the same technological advantages for the Maritime market and develop rechargeable all-solid-state lithium battery technology for a later roll out to two other key electromobility markets – Medium & Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Passenger Cars.