Two of the five mobile Energy Centres developed by Infinite at COP28

At the request of UK-based energy retailer Octopus Energy, one of the sponsors at COP28 in Dubai, the Welsh company Infinite Renewables supplied 5 mobile energy centres including 5 wind turbines and BESS solar systems.

Each renewable energy centre comprised: 5 x Bestwatt 45kW Wind Turbines, 5 x 120 kW Battery Energy Storage Systems and 5 x 3.6 kW Solar Systems.

The BESS and Solar System were integrated in a trailer for plug and play mobile deployment. The turbines that were installed are an upwind, stall regulated design, supplying 3 phase power and are  built in the Netherlands and Germany but the mobile base design has been developed by Infinite Renewables and are manufactured in Wales in the UK.

The turbines at COP28 were installed on mobile ballasted foundation bases. This is the first time steel mobile turbine bases have been used. Each base weighs over 120 tons including the concrete ballast. The bases are re-useable and create minimal environmental impact – they sit on top of the ground not in it so are very easy to remove.  The 45kW generator in each turbine is capable of generating over 1000kw per day at full output. Cut in wind speed is 3.5m per second and cut out wind speed is 25mps (wind of 60mph) The battery in the trailer is 120kwh of storage and the solar panels are 3.6kw. The turbine installation showcases how mobile renewable technology (wind, solar and batteries) working in tandem with each other can be deployed for islanded and on-grid applications.

Andrew Crossman, Director at Infinite Renewables said, “After a phenomenal effort from everyone involved, we are incredibly proud to have delivered 5 renewable energy centres to COP28 in Dubai for Octopus Energy – within 8 weeks! The mobile energy centres are a first of its kind installation and feature unique mobile ballasted bases for the wind turbines and trailerised battery storage integrated with solar PV. The mobile energy centres, developed by Infinite Renewables, showcase how renewable energy can be deployed quickly – whenever and wherever it is needed. The purple and pink turbines created huge interest in Dubai and we are now looking to expand our operation into the Middle East.”

Paul Loran, Director at Octopus Energy Generation said, “To showcase how a renewables energy system can lead the future of energy, we wanted to install wind, solar and battery storage on the global climate stage at COP28 in Dubai. Having worked with Infinite Renewables over the past couple of years, on projects like the Glastonbury wind turbine, we knew they were the perfect partner to help us bring to life this installation in such a short amount of time. We have some really exciting projects in line with Infinite which will continue to showcase their global network and unrivalled ability as we look ahead into 2024.”