Infinite Renewables gets Green Light to Develop New Energy Centre on SARK

The Welsh company, Infinite Renewables, has been tasked to set up a new Energy Centre on the Island of Sark in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Infinite will work with Sancus Utilities to provide the new renewable electricity source and grid.

The Sark government – Chief Pleas has committed to the principle of developing  an islander-owned electricity supply at a cost of around £4m. This decision came in the wake of an independent body’s report concluding that a completely new system was needed due to health and safety concerns. The report described the island’s electricity grid as outdated and in a state of disrepair.

Infinite Renewables will now provide a detailed design incorporating the best mix and capacity of wind, solar, battery storage as well as back-up diesel generators to meet the current needs of the island’s population whilst also allowing for future growth in demand.

Sancus Utilities who work closely with Infinite on renewable energy projects will be engaged to design and install a brand-new grid distribution network on the island that will meet modern standards.

Now Chief Pleas have voted to move forward with the designs, the new grid and Energy Centre could be completed by the end of 2025.

The Head of Operations and Project Delivery at Infinite, Gillian Jones, said, “We are excited to be bringing our expertise in renewable energy and micro girds to Sark. Our aim is to design an energy centre that provides greener, more secure, reliable, and cost-effective power to the residents and businesses on the Island. The project will be logistically challenging but tremendously rewarding.  Infinite is looking forward to developing an Energy Centre to supply the Island of Sark for generations to come.’’