Eco Foundry to Showcase Sustainable Living Walls at Reset Connect 2023

Eco Foundry, a leading provider of innovative living, green wall solutions, is proud to announce its sponsorship of living walls, displayed at Reset Connect, to be held at ExCel London from 27th – 28th of June, 2023.

Reset Connect 2023, is the UK’s largest sustainability, ecosystem and green investment event, bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators to explore cutting-edge solutions for a more sustainable future. With a focus on environmental consciousness and urban greening, Eco Foundry’s living walls perfectly align with the event’s theme and objectives

Eco Foundry is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and its dedication to creating healthier, more vibrant urban spaces. The company specialises in the design, installation, and maintenance of living walls, which seamlessly integrate nature into any space, providing numerous environmental and well-being benefits. These vertical gardens not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings but also contribute to improved air quality, noise reduction, and biodiversity.

The sponsorship of the living walls display at Reset Connect 2023 allows Eco Foundry to showcase their expertise and promote the integration of sustainable solutions in urban environments. Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the captivating beauty and environmental benefits of Eco Foundry’s living walls. These installations will serve as a powerful reminder of the positive impact that green infrastructure can have on our cities.

“Eco Foundry is thrilled to be sponsoring the living walls display at Reset Connect 2023. We believe in the power of nature to transform urban landscapes and create healthier environments. Our living walls serve as living testimonials to the immense benefits that sustainable solutions bring to our cities. We are excited to engage with industry professionals and inspire them to reimagine urban spaces through our innovative green solutions.”

Beccy Dickson, Co-Founder and Managing-Director at Eco Foundry.

As an advocate for sustainability, Eco Foundry is excited to contribute to the knowledge exchange and collaboration that Reset Connect 2023 offers. The event provides an ideal platform to connect with Sustainability professionals, large corporates, government leaders, policymakers, tech providers, innovators, purpose-led brands and entrepreneurs passionate about transforming our cities into green and sustainable havens.