Reset Connect: Uniting Investors, Businesses, and Government for a Sustainable Future

London is set to host the UK’s largest sustainability and net-zero event, Reset Connect, during the flagship London Climate Action Week on 27th and 28th June 2023. With a mission to foster genuine collaboration and practical pathways towards a secure and sustainable net-zero future, this groundbreaking event brings together investors, businesses, and government policy makers under one roof at the prestigious London ExCel center.

Reset Connect is poised to become a catalyst for change, attracting over 5,000 participants, 250 exhibitors, and 350 speakers who are already registered for this momentous gathering. With esteemed companies such as Google, eBay, Nestle, and Microsoft leading the charge, along with other FTSE100 companies and the investment community, the event aims to reshape mindsets, inspire new behaviours, and redefine sustainability for the better.

The event’s visionary CEO and Co-founder, Duncan Reid, highlights the need for radical collaboration to achieve ambitious climate targets. Recognizing that businesses cannot tackle these challenges alone, Reset Connect is a platform dedicated to equipping businesses with the necessary support, fostering connections between investors and viable proposals, and generating pragmatic solutions that can drive meaningful change.

Breaking down the barriers of exclusivity often associated with climate conferences, Reset Connect is designed to bridge the gap between sustainability change-makers, business leaders, policy makers, and funding sources. Through interactive panel sessions, exhibitions, and seven knowledge-sharing hubs, the event tackles pressing sustainability issues, including energy security, the circular economy, decarbonization, mobilizing investment, and creating green urban spaces of the future.

The event provides unparalleled access to global and local sustainability heavyweights, sharing best practice case studies, regulations, future trends, and investment insights. From established companies to innovative startups, attendees will gain actionable takeaways to help them reach their targets in alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals and Net Zero ambitions.

Renowned keynote speakers, such as MP Chris Skidmore, Chair of The Net Zero Review, Emma Keller, Head of Sustainability at Nestle, and Kate Raworth, Co-Founder of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab, will lend their expertise to the two-day event, aiming to inspire collective action and drive scalable impact.

Kate Raworth emphasizes the pivotal role of Reset Connect in transforming the business world to be regenerative and distributive by design. “The event is poised to galvanize ideas, reset behaviours and attitudes, and propel action across businesses, sectors, and networks.”

It is a completely inclusive event, free to register and attend, ensuring that the tools needed to address climate change and actively participate in networked change are accessible to all. By uniting investors, businesses, and government policy makers, Reset Connect serves as a beacon of hope, guiding us towards a future of sustainability and resilience.

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