To survive in today’s competitive environment, organisations need not only have an efficient and effective supply chain for the context in which they operate, they also have to consider issues of sustainability in their supply chain strategies. These issues are a consideration beyond those of environmental sustainability and also encompass social sustainability (ethics and wellbeing), financial sustainability, and network sustainability.

Global Sustainability Goals is defined as a new media community that are explicitly focused on reducing emissions, addressing the impacts of global warming whilst making a profit.

Its media can be grouped into four broad sector groups, Video, Podcast, Magazine, News. Covering solutions that directly mitigate or remove emissions, those that help us to adapt to the impacts of climate change and those that enhance our understanding of the climate.

To start your journey to a more sustainable future look at our very simple 9 key ways and start evaluating your business, so everyone has a bright future.

  1. Use GSG and connect with other people. Evaluate!
  2. Change basic factory practices to more sustainable options. Change!
  3. Use Advanced automation and software- BIG DATA. Implement!
  4. Use Advanced Engineering techniques. Research!
  5. Invest in your workforce- Invest!
  6. Evaluate your recycling options- Recycle!
  7. Decarbonise power and heat- Decarbonise!
  8. Reduce transport and logistic emissions- Lower Emissions!
  9. Look at your supply chain-Investigate!

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