Protecting our planet is at the core of our membership scheme. By becoming a member of our association your achievements will be recognised and displayed on your members badge.

Global Sustainability Goals has a reach to an audience of over 800,000 people. Only Members can share their content within our Network.

Our membership is built to help achieve sustainability goals and as such is a fantastic platform for companies with solutions to get involved.

Your Membership badge is made up of segments these are earned by achieving each of our 8 sustainability goals. The aim is to reduce your carbon footprint in manageable steps and to ultimately achieve net zero. 

Display your members badge on your website and earn the recognition you deserve. 

Your sustainability credentials are important for future business, your sustainability status will be passed onto customers who are looking to lower their own environmental impact. 

Displaying your badge is a great way to visually communicate that your business is actively taking the steps needed for a sustainable future. Upon achieving the steps your directory badge will automatically be updated, ranking you higher to potential customers.

Membership levels

Take your business to the next level and upgrade your membership, the more involved you are the more you have to gain. There are many advantages of membership, our 3 tiers offer fantastic benefits suited to all companies.

Global Sustainability Goals Award Show 2024.

Celebrating our members achievements, The first GSG Award show will take place in September 2024.

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