Tank breather valves have always been a core product for Assentech. We’ve been looking into the biogas market with a mission to reduce plant emissions and help businesses reach Net Zero.

Over 80% of the valves installed have not been supplied with a leak test certificate in accordance with any national or international standards such as API2000 from new. So, it’s not surprising that Regulator enforcement notices excessive odours and unfortunately, explosions are not uncommon.

With uncertified valves leaking at the digester’s operating pressure ranges from 4-50 cubic feet per hour (CFH) you can understand the impact this is having on operating profits, the environment and the health staff and neighbours working in close proximity to the site. Please take a look at our emission calculation programme below:

The Environment Agency, ADBA and many other committees and organizations routinely request input from Assentech in the development of best practice guidance for operators in the tank storage and biogas industries. Our Service Engineers have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience with all types of breather vent applications ranging from biogas digesters through chemicals storage to pharmaceuticals and oil and gas. We fully understand the whole application from the impact of fill/empty rates to the correct assignment of valve set pressures to maximise operating pressures and reduce emissions.

The image was taken next to a school!!!

Assentech can supply, test and calibrate valves that will keep your Biogas facility safe, compliant and profitable by ensuring valves are individually tested on the pressure and vacuum ports and meet the acceptable leakage rate to less than 0.1 CFH.

To demonstrate both the financial and environmental impact of breather vent leakage, Assentech’s Engineers recently attended a biogas facility and reduced leakage/emissions from one 12” breather vent from 161 tonnes GWP to just 158 kg per year (equivalent to 118 double-decker buses to 11% of one) by using best available techniques of ageing plant.

By purchasing from Assentech, you have complete peace of mind knowing you have procured an asset that will protect yourself, your facility and our environment attributing to your Net Zero journey whilst maximizing profitability and demonstrating your duty of care.

To try the Methane Emissions calculator and see the full press release please click on the link.


Assentech is a Global Sustainability Goals Member.