We at Global Sustainability Goals were honoured to attend the event organised by The Rochdale Development Agency ‘A Practical Race to Net Zero’ on the 23rd February 2023.

The event was excellently structured with Danny Simpson (CEO @ MID Communications) providing direction and manoeuvring the event from start to conclusion. Danny allowed a seamless transition between the three fantastic speakers, keeping the audience intrigued and attentive. Alongside his duties as the events light hearted but knowledgeable host – Danny provided an insightful account into the beginning of a company’s journey in establishing itself as a BCorp.

He was happy to answer any questions regarding his own journey into sustainability with honesty and obvious passion regarding the subject and his optimism should serve as a benchmark for other business owners approaching their own journey into achieving Net Zero.

Before giving an account of the guest speakers, Global Sustainability Goals would like to thank them for both sharing their knowledge and stories. Each speaker was evidently and actively trying their upmost to reduce their carbon omissions and do their bit for the problem that is global warming. The speakers provided 3 different perspectives on what is/can be done to become more sustainable. Steve Conner (CEO @ Creative Concern) quoted in a Q&A with Danny Simpson

‘Nobody has gone out of business by looking after the environment’.

Steve Conner- CEO Creative Concern

We thought this simple statement was extremely impactful, it cheekily stresses the importance of sustainability against the small financial impact it may have. The statement ties in perfectly with our aim at GSG – we want to try limit/ minimise the financial impact by bringing awareness to sustainable changes a company may make or by putting them in contact with relevant companies that can aid in achieving Net Zero. The conversation regarding Net Zero and saving the environment is becoming more prominent, so why not make money whilst furthering that conversation? We aim to put attainability into sustainability. Steve Conner continued by highlighting the positives sustainability can have outside of saving the environment; he explained how it can have a positive impact on talent, financial and business relations over time.

This displayed the importance to businesses to start looking into Net Zero now instead of playing catch up when the topic is no longer something that can be postponed or ignored.

Not only is the supply chain now asking ‘what is your Net Zero policy’ but they are starting to refuse those who cannot answer the question.

Steve Conner

Delving further into businesses achieving Net Zero we were treated with a passionate account from Paul Stobart (CEO @ Zen Internet LTD). Paul’s ardent views surrounded how our actions in this moment can affect the near future. The future of our children and our chidren’s children. Paul has taken vast steps in achieving Net Zero and has been part of a team that has seen Zen Internet become an established BCorp. He explained how changes were made to improve and meet all of their scope targets – from smaller measures such as encouraging public transport and cycling to work as oppose to taking their own transport to more radical measures such as switching to renewable energy sources. Paul provided an excellent example in proving that achieving Net Zero isn’t a fever dream and that it is something that can be accomplished. He also recognised that it is a subject that should be on the tip of all business owners tongues by saying

‘Everyone who owns or is part of a business is liable to make a change’.

Paul Stobart CEO Zen Internet

The final speaker, Steve Rumbelow (Chief Executive @ Rochdale Council) supported/furthered these views by saying ‘There is a new industrial revolution on the way, this is the green revolution’. Steve also briefly mentioned AMPi (Advanced Machinery and Productivity Institute) stating they were developing new machinery to improve recycling output. AMPi is an example that shows sustainability isn’t only an issue that concerns business but steps are being taken and put in place by local politicians to put further stress and pressure on the government body to make further policies regarding sustainability.

Global warming and other environmental issues are becoming more prevalent in today’s news and society. We are all aware of the problems we are facing both as a business and as a human being – The event did a fantastic job of noticing the obvious problem but more so focusing on more what can be done to be part of the solution. We at Global Sustainability Goals want to once again thank Rochdale Development Agency for allowing us to attend this event, to Zen Internet Limited for providing a clean, comfortable environment and use of their services and finally, to the 3 speakers and Danny for their knowledge and information.

Acknowledge the problem, be the solution.