The Manufacturing Supply Chain Expo! An Unmissable Opportunity for Local Manufacturers and Suppliers

On October 10th, the Manufacturing Supply Chain Expo, hosted by Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber and sponsored by Corrosion Resistant Materials Ltd, will take place at the Rigby Suite in Barnsley Metronome.

The event hopes to raise the profiles of the local Manufacturing suppliers operating in the Barnsley, Rotherham and wider South Yorkshire Manufacturing Industry and provide a platform for local businesses and manufacturers to come together, share insights and create further collaboration within the local supply chain.

Exhibition stands at the event will represent a wide range of local Manufacturing Supply Chain suppliers, showcasing their products and services to the attendees.

This is a unique opportunity to interact with key contacts in the region and discover the latest solutions and technologies on offer, so come join us and together let’s see how our solutions can benefit your operations.

Adam Bradley, Director of Corrosion Resistant Materials said, “Embracing collaboration is the cornerstone of progress in the manufacturing industry. As the Director of Corrosion Resistant Materials and a proud sponsor of the Manufacturing Supply Chain Expo, I believe this expo can be a catalyst for driving positive change by empowering local suppliers to make those key connections with important players within the manufacturing sector. Together, let’s forge a stronger, more resilient manufacturing landscape for the future.”

With the manufacturing industry playing a crucial role in Barnsley, Rotherham and the South Yorkshire economy, the expo aims to strengthen and develop business opportunities in the region.

The Manufacturing Supply Chain Expo is free to attend, making it accessible to all interested parties. As an initiative by Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber, this event emphasizes its commitment to fostering growth, collaboration, and innovation within the local manufacturing community.

For more information about the event, exhibitor registration, and attendance inquiries, please visit

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the Manufacturing Supply Chain Expo and contribute to the advancement of the local manufacturing industry.