Is innovation the antidote for sustainability thriving?

In the backdrop of globalised economy insecurities, steeped in the consequences of escalating climate adversity, political tensions, and technological revolution, the World Economic Forum 2024 Report boldly confronts climate and conflict crises. The report sets the world reaction as nakedly vulnerable in polarised narratives and declining trust across nations whilst battling with nature’s extreme forces.

The shifts in how we live and operate in these crises is pushing the boundaries in evolution. This is where innovation can play a fundamental role in “ the ability to see change as an opportunity not a threat” (Steve Jobs).

Sustainability driven innovation reduces the use of natural resources and release of harmful substances whilst ethically nurturing local communities. Could this be a viable answer?  It offers some sort of restoration to nature’s equilibrium and adopts a societal focus on collaboration to build mutual trust.

The solution is leaning towards how we strategically choose to innovatively do things differently as a sustainability-led collective. As a prime example, Dallas Consulting have used innovation as a key driver to unite small business community across our nation. With 99% of the UK economy represented by SMEs, small businesses are in fact the engine room of the British economy. In a pioneering intuitive approach, small and micro businesses are brought together to exhibit sustainability-led practice in The Good Small Business Awards. This is far from a one night wonder; instead supporting impact-driven engagement throughout the year uniting business to share best practice.

For each small business, their purpose initiates small steps to progress their sustainability journey – so it’s a no brainer to share best practice to learn from each other. Now a trusted community that is implementing highly effective sustainability activities is forming.

The momentum of a rapidly growing collective of small businesses uniting to share practice has led Dallas Consulting to create an online sustainability education, best practice and research platform in the latest addition to its suite of purposeful brands – The Good Business Solutions. It is primed ready to innovate as a whole community.

In a trailblazing approach, the innovation doesn’t stop there. The Good Small Business Awards pays it forward by producing a Sustainability Next Steps Report to every Finalist. A consultative inspiring challenge in facing the status quo and initiating the next steps to further embed sustainability in supply chains.

In a spectacular finale, on the awards night, there will be live demonstrations of socio-environmental impact on stage. The rationale for these fascinating innovation strategies is to lead through collective engagement. To connect with this innovation network, you can book tickets to experience The Good Small Business Awards 2024 on Thursday 18th July 2024 at Hilton Manchester Deansgate: