There are many ways which you can be more energy efficient that manufacturing businesses aren’t utilising– or aren’t yet making the most of. One very basic example is lighting. Sometimes, it can be as simple as replacing halogen bulbs with the more efficient LED alternatives. Automated lighting systems that adjust according to the room’s occupancy or daylight availability can also be invaluable if employees move between numerous buildings and work areas (and often unnecessarily keep lights on). Day and night switches can additionally be used to manage outdoor lighting effectively, and motion detector sensors can be installed too.

The other simple way to keep to improve the factory is by simply keeping the doors shut. Companies now offer fast closing door solutions to help retain as much heat as possible.

The UK’s Carbon Trust has backed rapid roll doors for a number of years, and estimate that companies could make savings of up to 20% on the heating and cooling energy used.

For example, if an old roller shutter was open for a total of around 30 hours per week with a new high-speed iteration only open for 5 hours a week, there’s a potential saving of more than 51,000kWh a year – the organisations estimates this could equate to over £1,500 in annual savings, in an online guide.