Broder Powder Expands Global Presence with Partnership with 6K Additive

In a significant move towards enhancing the availability of advanced materials for additive manufacturing, Broder Powder, a division of Broder Metals Group, has announced a strategic partnership with 6K Additive. This collaboration promises to provide customers in the UK and Ireland with unparalleled access to a full suite of high-performance metal powders, reinforcing Broder Powder’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Founded in Sheffield in 2003, Broder Metals Group has carved out a niche by consistently listening and responding to customer needs. Initially focused on stocking and distributing high-specification stainless steel, nickel alloys, and super alloys, the company serves various critical markets, including Motorsport, Aerospace, and Nuclear. Their rigorous commitment to quality is underscored by achieving ISO 9001 certification in 2005 and AS9120 Aerospace certification in 2019, ensuring every material they sell is fully traceable and certified.

The new partnership with 6K Additive aligns seamlessly with Broder Powder’s mission. At the core of this collaboration is 6K Additive’s revolutionary UniMelt® plasma production system. This cutting-edge technology converts metal scrap and end-of-life parts into high-quality powders, such as nickel, titanium, and refractory alloys, all while drastically reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions compared to traditional methods. This innovation is not just a leap forward in performance but a stride towards a more sustainable future.

Nick Pflugh, Chief Commercial Officer for 6K Additive, emphasizes the critical role of local expertise in the international market. “Having local professionals who not only understand the customer requirements but also the materials and applications for metal additive manufacturing is crucial. Our new network of agents and distributors excel at helping customers qualify the right material for the right application. We are excited to welcome Broder Powder to the extended team of 6K Additive.”

Over 40% of Broder Metals Group sales are dedicated to export markets, reflecting their comprehensive in-house expertise in export regulations, shipping, and compliance. This new collaboration will further empower them to meet the stringent demands of their international clientele, offering next-day dispatch and responsive service.

This partnership represents more than just business expansion; it’s a commitment to sustainability and innovation. By transforming waste into valuable resources, this collaboration showcases a shared vision for a greener, more efficient manufacturing future. It highlights the possibilities when industry leaders come together with a shared goal of advancing technology and environmental stewardship.

Broder Powder will be sharing insights into their journey and their innovative approaches and a in-depth editorial that will be featured in the next issue of the Sustainable Supply Chain. This feature will provide some fantastic sustainable solutions, offering valuable insights into their operations and their collaboration with 6K Additive.

This new chapter in Broder’s story is about setting new standards in quality, innovation, and sustainability in the metal powders market. The future looks bright and more sustainable with this powerful partnership leading the way. For more information, please visit their website or contact their sales team.