2024 EcoVadis rating has been awarded as Silver for Addison

Addison Group on Their EcoVadis Rating Achievement

We believe environmental, social, and ethical performance – true sustainability – is an essential factor for smart businesses today. More and more companies are under immense pressure to improve their transparency and sustainability practices. EcoVadis has grown to become the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 130,000+ rated companies. They envisage a global marketplace where sustainability intelligence influences every business decision – improving economies, people’s lives, and the planet that we all depend on, something that we too, are aligned with.

The EcoVadis mission is to provide reliable, globally recognized sustainability ratings and insights, which will enable all companies to reduce risk, drive improvement, and accelerate a positive impact on both our planet and society. The EcoVadis sustainability assessment methodology provides an evaluation of how well we have integrated the principles of sustainability and CSR into our business and management systems. It is built on international sustainability standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact, and ISO 26000. The Sustainability Scorecard we received illustrates our performance across 21 indicators in four themes: Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

We are extremely pleased to announce that our recent 2024 EcoVadis rating has been awarded Silver, positioning us within the top 15% of all companies rated by them, which is a high accolade indeed. We have once again worked hard and improved from the previous year’s assessment and are fully committed to our intentions on this path to improve further for the next one, and the next one! We will review the suggested improvement opportunities over the coming months and implement any changes to our management system as necessary by setting specific targets and tracking progress towards our goals.

Having our sustainability credentials verified by EcoVadis gives our ESG claims even more validity and ensures we are being absolutely transparent and accountable. EcoVadis not only helps us to understand our performance and improve and track progress over time but also strengthens customer relationships, enabling us to promote our business and, above all, manage our sustainability program effectively. We are finding it is being increasingly utilized as a tool for companies to assess the sustainability performance of their suppliers. Using EcoVadis emphasizes that we respect the environment, people, and our communities; it helps us to remain competitive and shows how we are committed to making lasting change towards a better world.